Cute animation on Social Security

I got e-mailed this link to a cute little animation about Social Security. It’s interesting, and it does present a nice summary of the of the Bush plan to “save” Social Security. I’m not sure about the rhetoric, though. I think red-staters might just think of it as more liberal smoke and mirrors. I wonder if it will really convince anyone.

With complicated issues like this, I think voters’ eyes tend to glaze over and they just end up playing the party line (or with Social Security, tend to think it ain’t broke, so why fix it). I suppose it’s a good idea to keep up the pressure, so people don’t decide to “compromise” with some half-assed Republican plan to semi-implement private accounts.

But who knows, it just might change some minds, so I’m putting it out there. If you like it, link to it, and maybe it’ll make a difference. Someone definitely put a lot of work into it.

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