Where I’ve been…

Sorry for my little blogging hiatus last week. Things should be back to normal this week. If you must know, last week I was rendered practically immobile by a horrendous rash, which I’m just now recovering from, thanks to steroids and a miracle cream called Elidel (which ain’t cheap at $55 for a 30-gram tube. It’s almost as expensive as printer ink!). I have no idea where the rash came from, but I’m awfully glad it’s starting to go away.

I will be spending this week as a coffee shop vagabond. I’ve enrolled my daughter in a rock-climbing camp that’s a one-hour drive from my house. So rather than spending four hours on the road every day driving her back and forth, I’m going to cut it down to just two hours and while away my days in bagel shops and public libraries in Charlotte (and hopefully, I’ll get a mother lode of writing done in the process).

Fortunately, the Panera Bread Company where I’m having lunch today features “free” Internet access (though actually it cost $7 when you count the cost of my half turkey sandwich and caesar salad). One question: why must every coffee house in Charlotte be air-conditioned to 68 degrees? Don’t they realize that it’s SUMMERTIME and people are wearing SHORTS?

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4 Responses to Where I’ve been…

  1. Anne says:

    Panera’s cheaper than Starbucks where they direct you to a website helpfully allowing you to join T-mobile…

    Sorry you were out. Ick!

  2. Arethusa says:

    I find it to be true that, regardless of the season, I have to carry a sweater everywhere.

    Sorry to hear about the rash! I’m glad it was easily conquered.

  3. Doug Hoffman says:

    I think there’s an unwritten rule that all medication must cost at least $50. Elocon (a close relative of Elidel) is no better. And ear drops — any of the good ear drops — run at least $60.

    Of course, for $12, you could have bought one of those books on home remedies, and had yourself covered in an oatmeal plaster all week long.

    Glad to see you back!

  4. dave says:

    Good to see there are plenty of people here to welcome me back!

    Anne, you’re right. But Starbucks has *much* better coffee…. decisions, decisions….

    Arethusa, the rash isn’t completely conquered, but it definitely seems to be on retreat. I’ve never been one to require a sweater in the summertime — perhaps it’s due to the rash… or maybe I’m getting old…

    Nah, gotta be the rash!

    Doug, the worst of it is that my HMO has changed its policy, AGAIN, and now we’ve got to pay full price until we’ve racked up a $75 drug bill for the year. Then the deductible is a mere $30, so I could’ve afforded three more Panera lunches. Sigh.

    Anyway, thanks for your support, everyone. Hopefully I’ll have something more substantive to say tomorrow.

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