Kids on the Internet

A lot of people (maybe most people, if you read Ann Landers) see the Internet as a place where perverts and freaks spend their time looking for little girls to abduct, or identities to steal. For example, a recent article on BBC (via kairosnews) discusses the phenomenon of “baby blogs” — is it okay to put pictures and descriptions of your kids on the Web?

I have pictures of my kids online, but I don’t usually tell the “general public” about them. After reading the article, I’m wondering if I’m just being a paranoid weenie. After all, I send the kids out to the corner to wait for the school bus every day. What difference does it make if the wacko waiting there in the bushes to molest them has seen their pictures on the Internet beforehand?

So why the paranoia on my part? Who even cares about my boring travel photos? Is there any documented example of someone finding pictures on the Web and then going after that person? I can understand the “chatroom” problem, where stalkers seek out little virgins for online trysts, but how do my pictures from Disneyworld become someone else’s rape fantasy?

I know what you’re thinking now… where are those pictures — I want to see them! Sorry, bud — no can do: you’ll have to exercise your sick fantasy on someone else’s baby blog. Leave me and my paranoid delusions out of it!

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