An amusing moment in blogville

So Douglas Hoffman posted a summary of his wife’s objections to John Scalzi’s book Old Man’s War. That’s not the amusing part.

Then Scalzi posted a point-by-point rebuttal in the comments thread. Surprising, but still not amusing. What’s amusing was Doug’s reply:

I’d say something erudite, but right now all I can think is — My God! Scalzi’s following my blog!

Which was followed shortly by another commenter’s reaction:

WOW, Doug – Now I have to go critique To Kill a Mockingbird on my blog so Harper Lee will visit me!

I’ve occasionally had a “famous” blogger descend from on high to comment on one of my posts, and I have to say, Doug’s reaction was always my initial instinct. I never had the balls to actually say it, though!

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6 Responses to An amusing moment in blogville

  1. Well, then, Dave, what do you say to this?

  2. dave says:

    I say “Nice try, Dave, but everyone can see that you just logged out and posted a comment as ‘Michael Berube’ for comic effect.”

  3. John Scalzi says:

    However, it’s unlikely you have that reaction when I show up here, given that we’ve known each other for, what? Nearly 20 years?

    Personally, I get a giggle every time I see the words “famous” and “blogger” next to each other.

  4. dave says:

    “Personally, I get a giggle every time I see the words ‘famous’ and ‘blogger’ next to each other.”

    Yeah, there ought to be a law requiring at least one of those words to be in quotes when they are paired together.

    In response to your first point, I agree, but I’m still surprised — as indeed I am right now. After all, I also don’t think we’ve physically spoken to each other for about 20 years!

  5. John Scalzi says:

    Well, you know. I can never forgive you for taking Greta from me.

    And of course, this online thingie skews comminication something fierce. There are several people with whom I am quite friendly whom I have never physically met. To some extent most of us are words on a screen to others, with an occasional picture to suggest we’re not the proverbial dog.

  6. dave says:

    Oh, that’s what it was! And all this time I thought you weren’t speaking to me because of that inter-house rivalry thing. (For the uninitiated, my wife Greta was John’s orientation aide in college. Both Greta and John lived in my residence house’s rival dormitory [I lived in Breckinridge Hall; Scalzi and Greta lived in Lower Flint. Both dorms have since met with the wrecking ball])

    And to think, I never even suspected romantic entanglements! Well, you seem to have gotten over the trauma of losing Greta, though I imagine such a wound would indeed take a long time to heal…

    I do think one thing we can agree on is that we both “married up.”

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