More Moby Blook stuff

The design is getting closer and closer to what I’m looking for. I’ve gotten the sidebar to look pretty good, and even figured out how to automatically generate a table of contents (sort of pointless for a short story). The t of c project really reached the bleeding edge of my programming capabilities — getting it to display in the correct order was a major accomplishment for me. It made me realize why I’m most definitely not a programmer.

In the same vein, the entire book now automatically loads in the proper order (that was accomplished with a kludge before). I think I’ll be able to start posting the actual book sometime next week!

if:book has now given the Moby Blook a little writeup. Ben Vershbow doubts the reading experience will be the equivalent of reading a paper book, but gives it the thumbs’ up as an interactive text project.

I think if all I’ve done with this project is create a nifty way to have a collaborative reading experience, that would be swell, but it’s not what I intended to accomplish at all. The goal is to have a reading experience that is as satisfying reading a physical book — or possibly more so. I want to demonstrate that an online interface need not merely mimic the printed text, and that the printed interface is not necessarily the ideal way to present a narrative text.

The experiment is by necessity a personal one. If others join me for the ride, that will be great, but for me the key thing is developing my own way of grappling with a significant text.

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