Complete and utter bull**** from Airbus

Will this be the airplane of the future? According to Airbus’s propaganda site on National Geographic, it will:

A model of a bar area in an Airbus A380 shows how the plane’s “superjumbo” proportions may benefit some passengers. The plane’s main and upper levels will serve as passenger areas. The lower deck will be for freight—or additional passenger facilities such as sleeper cabins, child care, gymnasiums, casinos, or business centers, at the discretion of the airlines that purchase the planes.

Operational definitions for the terms “may” and “some” from the passage above: won’t and any.

Right. Like anyone’s going to pay an extra 20 percent for their plane ticket so three lucky passengers out of the 800 the plane carries will get a seat at the bar. Don’t look for gyms or casinos on board anytime soon, either.

(via BoingBoing)

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One Response to Complete and utter bull**** from Airbus

  1. Scott says:

    Holy shit Dave, this is hilarious. Honestly, my very first
    thought when I saw this image: Did the Starship Enterprise get
    a bar? (I think it’s the violet lighting).

    But seriously (if I can be serious about a topic like this),
    I think there’s really no way to make intercontinental flights
    any less tortuous until we finally perfect that “hibernation”
    technology from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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