What’s up with Technorati?

I’m not completely obsessed with myself. I mean, I only check Technorati four or five times a day to see who has linked to my blogs. But you know, something’s starting to bother me. Cognitive Daily, which seems to be getting linked more and more lately, is “stuck” at 54 links from 37 sources. It’s been like that for a couple weeks now, even though I’ve seen a dozen or so new links pop up in that time.

The links show up on technorati, it’s just that they don’t seem to be “counted.” Not a big deal, I suppose, except isn’t the count supposed to be some sort of indication of how “respected” a blog is? Will CogDaily perpetually be stuck at 54, or will the count be mysteriously updated some time down the road? Do we need a virtual Fonzie to smack the Technorati juke box to get it back on kilter?

And another thing. The site claims it has three pages’ worth of links for CogDaily, but when I click on page 2, it suddenly forgets about it, displaying this odd message:

Technorati has no problem displaying Boingboing’s second page. Do I have to have 21,000 links before Technorati will deign to display page 2?

Why am I so obsessed with this? I don’t know. Perhaps now would be a good time to start a hobby.

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7 Responses to What’s up with Technorati?

  1. Arethusa says:

    I am as obssessed as you, although with sadly less reason to be, and experiencing the same problems. I find Blogshares to have a more accurate list of blogs that link to one’s site, but alas no rankings.

  2. Scott says:


    I’ve noticed this too, and, in my opinion it’s a major liability of Technorati. I think this is the problem: When you update your blog, you need to ping Technorati in order for it to know you’ve updated. Basically, if you don’t tell it you’ve updated it will never know. Often I will be linked to by blogs that never ever ping Technorati. Hence, I will never get “credit” for those links on Technorati.

    So, in other words, stop bothering with Technorati until they improve their software. (Btw, I know it’s difficult. I’m obsessive in this way too.)

  3. dave says:


    Oh, I think it’s more than just that. I ping. I ping all the time. I definitely need to develop a hobby. Maybe fly-fishing? Or perhaps model railroading…

  4. Scott says:


    You may be pinging away like a happy Geiger counter, but if the blogs that link to you don’t ping, all your pinging won’t do any good.

  5. dave says:


    So what you’re saying is that we should start a pinging awareness program? Perhaps individually, we couldn’t make a difference, but if we got, say 20 bloggers together, and made a special effort 4 times a year to get the pinging word out there, we really could make a difference! Then everyone would know how popular we really are!

    Seriously, though (not that any of this is particularly important), riddle me this: why, if I’ve pinged, and they’ve pinged, and my technorati search shows 4 new links to my blog, does the total count of the number of people who’ve linked to the blog remain the same? It’s been stuck at 54 for weeks, even though I’ve seen probably 20 or so new links show up on Technorati. Technorati “knows” about the links, but they’re not adding them to my total link count.

  6. Scott says:

    Oh yeah, okay I agree with you on that. (Sorry, I think we were thinking about two different questions here.) You are correct that they are pretty bad about tabulating links.

    Bottom line: Technorati is screwy.

  7. dave says:

    “Technorati is screwy.”

    Yup. Unfortunately it’s also the best we’ve got.

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