Reason #637 not to live alone

I cooked myself up some eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning (Greta and kids are out of town), then left the burner on the empty frying pan for two hours. When I finally noticed it, like an idiot, I lifted up the spatula sitting on the pan to see how hot it was. It was HOT, as in hot enough to burn my hand. Clearly I survived, but one wonders how long before it would take for me to kill myself with idiocy like this if Greta wasn’t around most of the time.

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  1. Anne says:


    Ouch! Sorry! That’s precisely when these things happen. When my daughter was a month old–just enough to have the beginnings of a schedule, for me to be thinking about thinking about thinking about getting back to some new normal, just enough that the extra help (mom, in-laws, sis) had pulled out of town, I tried to make myself some tea. Remember that feeling? I can take care of myself–look–I’m boiling water here and my baby is safely in her bassinet. Two hours later, I found the kettle on the stove, empty of water. I lifted it by the handle (which was NOT burning hot) and set it on the counter top. The ring of black and brown bubbles became a permanent reminder of that momentous day.

    Vitamin E: get those capsules full of honey-like vitamin E and smear it on the burn. It feels better and helps a bit.


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