[insert appropriate celebratory grunt here]

My massive manuscript revision project has come to a close; the manuscript is now in the mail, headed towards New York and inevitable evaluation by the pros. My process of submission and rejection has probably been similar to what most people experience: send it to a bunch of agents, wait, get a bunch of rejections, repeat. I’ve actually gotten a lot more “no responses” than I expected. Either these agents have enormous slush piles that they occasionally simply toss in the trash out of frustration, or I’m lousy at labeling my SASEs.

Anyway, this latest revision should have a better chance at success: I have a name to drop, an actual published author with an actual agent who has read my work and already recommended it to the agent. This is the way the business is supposed to work: it’s more about who you know than what you know. For once I’m thankful for that, because I actually know someone.

What this means for you, faithful reader, is more, more substantive posts on Word Munger. So whether or not I land an agent, now is certainly a moment for you to celebrate!

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2 Responses to [insert appropriate celebratory grunt here]

  1. Anne says:

    Hurrah! Break open the champagne!

  2. dave says:

    Anne, I should send a bottle to YOU for recommending I send my manuscript to the Actual Author in question. Cheers!

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