Ah, March in the South!

I just wanted to reflect for a moment on what a lovely day it is here in the South. While the Northerners are still up there shivering, we in the South get to enjoy flowering daffodils, plums and forsythia. Here’s a scene I shot in my back yard, just this morning:

What a beautiful scene! And here it is, still March, still technically “winter.” Even the potted pansies made it through the winter, and you can just see the tulip bulbs starting to come up:

Don’t they look lovely, set off as they are against the glistening white snow? It just makes me think of sweet …

… SNOW?!?!?

What’s up with that? We got about a half-inch this morning, and yet it’s March, and we live not 50 miles from one of those famous Deep South civil-rights-era sit-ins! I had my AIR CONDITIONER on last Saturday, and today I woke up to snow in my back yard!

March is the time for the electric bill to begin its slow rise towards dizzying triple-digit summertime heights, while the heating bill rapidly descends to zero. My daughter’s softball team has been practicing outdoors for over a month; they’ve already played three games. In shorts! Yes, the snow is pretty and all, and in fact I’m planning a ski trip to West Virginia next week, but SNOW? Here? In late March? It’s enough to make me crave a mint julep.

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