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Ever heard of a blog carnival? I hadn’t either, until I was invited to join one last week. I submitted a couple of posts from Cognitive Daily, and sure enough, we were included in issue #23 of Tangled Bank, a science-oriented carnival.

The idea is simple: get a few bloggers together and ask them to submit their best posts from the previous week or so, then post all the links in a convenient central location. It’s a great way to see a variety of blog posts you might not otherwise seek out.

The Tangled Bank site lists a bunch of other blog carnivals, though many of them seem to be inactive. Fortunately, the one I was most interested in, Carnival of the Godless, is alive and kicking — even with no hope for an afterlife (rimshot, please. I’ll be here all night, folks, so you may want to order another drink.).

There is even a Carnival of the carnivals on the apparently Christian King of Fools Blog. Oddly, Carnival of the Godless is not listed there, nor is Tangled Bank.

Interesting idea, though clearly one that requires a critical mass in order to maintain momentum. I know I’ll be a regular visitor, if not contributor, to Tangled Bank and Carnival of the Godless in the future, or at least until they lose momentum and vanish into the graveyard of the blogosphere.

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2 Responses to Blog carnivals

  1. I would be happy to add the Carnival of the Godless to my weekly list, provided it is easy to find each week. Being a Christian doesn’t force me to only link to spiritual content – although I have chosen not to link to the Carnival of Flesh. (Hey – my kids read my blog.)

    The list is getting rather long and cumbersome and I usually drop the elisive carnivals off the list. This one looks well organized so it shouldn’t be a problem to hunt down each Wednesday.

  2. dave says:

    Sounds good!

    Why not Tangled Bank, too?

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