Is the New York Times the root of all evil?

Okay, I really screwed this one up, so let me try to fix this:

Just One Minute has an extended rant post about how “Jodi Wilgoren of the NY Times may have committed a deadly lapse of judgment in her moving account of execution-style slaying of the husband and mother of a Federal judge.”

Wilgoren’s crime? Revealing the identity of the daughter of the Chicago judge whose husband and mother were brutally slain, possibly due to retaliation by an aryan nation hate group for ruling against them in a dispute over naming their group. The assumption is that this could be dangerous for the judge herself, as well as the remainder of her family daughter.

Is this just the latest example of those damned New York liberals messing up things for America? Well, the judge in question, who is now under police protection, has already done an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times where she seems to be unconcerned about revealing her identity. Perhaps this is because the NYT had revealed her name, or perhaps it’s because the killers already know who she is, because, you know, she’s the one who ruled against them in the first place. And there’s that little detail that they already killed her mother and husband. IN HER OWN HOME.

Just One Minute points out that a Google search for her name comes up empty. However, since the Chicago Tribune had published her name the day before the Times article appeared, I think the cat may have been out of the bag before Just One Minute had voiced its concern.

Now, Just One Minute was careful to point out that the NYT may not be at fault, and Just One Minute would be happy to be proved wrong. Okay, you’re wrong. But why the assumption that it was the NYT’s problem in the first place? Is it because of their reknowned “liberal bias”? But I thought hate crimes were liberal territory. If the NYT was solely concerned with flogging its liberal agenda, surely they wouldn’t have outed one of their own. Perhaps the conservatives at Just One Minute have a wee bit of bias themselves in singling out the NYT for this one. I don’t think Just One Minute has been proven wrong yet, though it’s certainly possible that Laura Lefkow asked Wilgoren to indicate where she went to college.

I do think the point still holds that if someone bent on murder wanted to find where Judge Lefkow’s daughter went to college, they wouldn’t have much difficulty. It’s not like Wilgoren identified an undercover CIA agent or anything.

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  1. You missed Tom’s point; he wasn’t complaining about the “outing” of thr judge; his
    problem with the story was that the Times gave out unnecessary information about the judge’s daughter:

    “Now, the potentially deadly lapse in judgment is this: Ms. Wilgoren reports the name, age, and college of Laura Lefkow, who was quoted above. That information is not clearly available by way of “Google”, nor do any major news services other than those syndicating the Times story seem to be reporting it.”

    The relevant bit from the article is:

    “”I guess because the F.B.I. felt it seemed like there was no danger,” said Ms. Lefkow, a sophomore at Pomona College in Southern California.”

    I agree with Tom that nothing is added to the story by mentioning where Laura Lefkow
    attends college, or what year she is. There’s no public right to know that, and it’s
    not remotely relevant to the main story. Would the story have been any less informative if she’d been identified
    as “an undergraduate at a college on the West Coast”?

  2. Dave says:

    You are right about that. I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I fixed the post now. Thanks for setting me straight.

  3. Tom Maguire says:


    Well, I am just miffed that you called that post an “extended rant”, since that is about as calm and judicious a writing tone as I can muster.

    Hmm, here is my version of a non-political rant. And don’t even look at if you are a big Maureen Dowd fan (and isn’t everyone?) – I sort of went nuts.

  4. Matt says:

    Even your corrected post is patheticly weak.

  5. Dave says:

    Yep. Move along, now.

  6. Dave says:


    I changed the “rant” thing, too. I agree, it’s not really a rant. Basically a big mistake on my part, but I’m leaving it up to remind myself to be more careful.

  7. Tom Maguire says:

    Dave, the only person who never put up a stupid post is the person who never blogs.

    I always reassure myself, after I post something that did not work so well, that at least my next post might make me eligible for “Come-back Blogger of the Day”.

    Have a great weekend.

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