Guy eats at McDonald’s for a month; loses weight

Jared, eat your heart out — it turns out you can eat at McDonald’s and still lose weight. That’s right, a Canadian man ate every meal at Mickey D’s for an entire month and ended up losing 17 pounds. Seems ridiculous, right?

Maybe not so much. When I did my day of McDonald’s, I also lost weight. I did not skimp on my meals (though I never “supersized”), but my daily total was only 2,430 calories. A 220-pound man can lose weight at that calorie level. Now, if I supersized, didn’t drink Diet Coke, and added desserts, I think I’d probably gain weight. If I was a smaller-framed person, I’d probably gain weight. I suspect most women would probably gain weight.

I think dinners are the real key. Ever notice how empty McDonald’s are at dinner time? Probably not, because you probably weren’t eating there. If you compare a McDonald’s dinner to, say a comparable meal at Chili’s, you’ll consume about 700 fewer calories at McDonald’s (or over 1,000 fewer, if you would have indulged in a couple beers with your Chili’s Mushroom Swiss Bigmouth Burger).

So if you go to McDonald’s for lunch every day, and then head to Chili’s every night for dinner, that’s when you’ll really start packing on the pounds.

Apparently the guy who went on the month-long McDonald’s “diet” was attempting to make some sort of political statement, to show that “Supersize me” was anti-business. What was truly amazing to me is the other statement he made when he was finished: “I love McDonald’s food.” I think I can say, without bias, that anyone who eats Big Macs every day, sometimes bought in bulk and reheated, and enjoys it, has got something seriously wrong with his sense of taste.

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