Vidsanity: Aches and pains

Here’s the injury report after 8.5 hours of solid gaming.

Aside from a vague feeling of dizziness and an overall numbness in the fingers, I’m not doing too bad. Now the biggest pain is in my right ring finger — it’s being strained by the shape of the Ninendo controllers. I can include a photo, because I just realized my wife’s camera’s here and fully charged:

stretched fingers

The way I have to hold the Nintendo controller forces me to stretch the fingers uncomfortably. I may have to modify my grip in order to continue.

I do have to say, the guacamole’s quite good at 11:30 in the morning. I dripped a big glob of it on my pants, but a paper towel took care of that.

Jim’s most definitely superior to me in all “combat” games. Those sorts of games these days involve a vast array of tricks — key combinations to release “special” moves, which I really have no knack for.

I’m holding my own in Football and in Tony Hawk, though.

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