Vidsanity: Victory at last

After several humiliating defeats in WWE: Day of Reckoning and Super Smash Bros, we finally started to play some games on MY turf: Madden 2005 and Tony Hawk’s Underground. Surprisingly, even though Jim doesn’t even know the rules of football, he did manage to keep up with me for a while, but eventually I managed to prevail. Here’s Jim after a hard-fought loss to the Atlanta Falcons on a cold Charlotte December:

The Agony of Defeat

My left index finger is now definitely starting to feel the wear after 4 hours of gaming. Jim claims he’s starting to feel soreness in the right thumb. Typing is quite difficult in this condition, but I’ll attempt to soldier on in the interest of keeping an accuract record of our epic struggle.

UPDATE: Argh! I left the camera on and now we’re out of battery power. It might be a few hours before there are more pictures; I’ve got them in the charger now.

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3 Responses to Vidsanity: Victory at last

  1. Mark Sample says:

    Hey, this your neighbor across the street…My only question is, can I come over and play? ;-)

  2. Yellow says:

    Hehe.. I’m in Durham, what about me? I’ll take you DOWN in Madden! Go Pats!

  3. Dave says:

    Sorry guys, this is a father-son only thing. Mark, you mean you haven’t gotten your kid started yet? What is he, 8 months now?

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