Vidsanity: Fake fake sports

What’s it like to compete in a fake sport? I imagine much more interesting than playing the video game. The problem with pro “wrestling” is that the players aren’t really fighting. They’re stunt men, and they’re expending enormous effort trying NOT to hurt the other guy. In video pro wrestling, there are no such concerns, which makes it bizarrely surreal. You mean I’m supposed to “fight” this guy? What about all those moments during a wrestling match when one wrestler lies on the floor “stunned” so the other guy can sling him over his shoulder, climb up on the turnbuckle, and then take him down with a double-twisting flip? How does the game action work then? Turns out, you really are stunned, so the other guy can simply have his way with you — you have no defense. What’s the point of playing a game if you can’t actually control your character? I think I’ve successfully talked Jim into playing a new game.

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