Vidsanity preparation: the technology

Normally Jim’s only allowed to use the GameCube upstairs, but for this special event it seemed appropriate to move to a larger venue. Our amp has a set of “auxiliary video” ports on the front, which I hoped meant no crawling in the tangle of wires behind our media cabinet. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. After we plugged the console in, we had audio but no video. I found a flashlight and peeked back into the nether regions of our home entertainment system. Finally I found a jack labeled “video” on the back of the amp. I found an old video cable in the upstair closet and plugged it into the jack on the amp and then into the back of the TV. Soon we were up and running. Fortunately Jim didn’t think to take my picture while I was back there.

Naturally Jim wanted to “test” the system to make sure it “worked.” After 3 minutes watching him play Pokemon, I can assure you there is NO WAY we will be playing THAT game tomorrow. I think we’ll need to implement a system where he picks a game for an hour, then I pick, and so on throughout the day.

Here’s a picture of Jim with our setup. That’s a 48-inch Hitachi big screen TV. Not too bad, with the surround sound.

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