Vidsanity preparation: the food

At 6:00 I picked up Jim (or “kingkrispy” as he’s known online) at the activity bus stop. Good thing he had track practice today; he’s not going to be doing much physical activity for approximately the next 48 hours.

First stop was dinner: a quick burrito at Qdoba (Jim’s tastes have changed in the past two years!). We conferenced about what the ideal food for 24 solid hours of gaming could be. Oddly, we came to a consensus on chips and guacamole. Of course, we’d need some healthy food as well, so we’ll be starting off our morning tomorrow with pop tarts. Come dinnertime, we’ll melt some cheese over those chips in the microwave for a healthy dose of protein. And obviously we’d need to stay hydrated, so we’d need plenty of soft drinks. Diet, of course!

Next stop was Harris Teeter. After a quick run through the snack aisle, it was off to the automated checkout line (no self-respecting gamer interacts with a human when a computer terminal is available). Here’s me with the salsa:

And here’s Jim with our fully loaded cart:

Next stop was the video store for some prime game rentals. I chose Madden 2005 and Tony Hawk’s Underground. Jim picked Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and James Bond: Goldeneye Rogue Agent. The clerk was quite intimidated by our plan. “You realize these are $7.50 each, don’t you?” Sounded fine to me, but what did I know. “I think I’m going to have to pre-authorize your credit card for this many games,” he went on.

“Pre-authorize away,” I said. Yeesh, I hadn’t had needed this much of a security clearance to fly halfway across the country on an Airbus A-340.

After he found our games in the front-desk safety vault and made us sign two separate forms, we were on our way. Here’s Jim with his stash of contraband:

Twenty minutes later we were back home. Jim showered (he won’t have time for that tomorrow), and I went to work on the guacamole (I won’t have time for that tomorrow). Six avocados, two limes, and half a jar of salsa later, here’s what I came up with:

Mmmmmm… slimy green food!

Note to chefs following along at home: 6 avocados pretty much maxes out the capacity of a Kitchen Aid food processor. More later.

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