Wordy Rappinghood

Yo, Mix Master L has got the house up on Slate,
He say he know how da bloggers and da rappas relate.
He say that all the pretty homies writin’ posts in their cribs
Ain’t nothin’ more than M.C.s with their jibes and their jibs.

I do gotta say ya wanna give me rappa pay
I’ll take yo big checks and I’ll cash dem every day.
Ice, Ice said he was bad as DMC or 2 Live,
And yo, Drum was makin’ money ’til dey skinned him alive.

Ya give me Drum money and I take it to the bank,
I won’t lie like Ice Baby but I will make you thank
The good Lawd up above that you don’t hear po’ ol’ me
Making rhymes evry day on Social Security!

Update: Scott Esposito’s got a rather more thoughtful post on all this.

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