Granada, part 2

The highlight of Granada is definitely the Nazrid Palace, which includes some of the most amazing, intricate Islamic art you will ever find.

This photo comes from the baths, and shows how even the lightwells are an opportunity to dazzle:


The “wine gate” gives an even bigger hint of what is to come.


Our tickets to the palace let us enter only at night — but the dramatic lighting made for quite an experience. To me the most amazing thing about this place is the ceilings. Here’s one made of wood:


And here is a ceiling with nearly infinite arches, arches built on arches built on yet more arches:


Nora took many more photos than I did, and she has already written a post on them. But first I’m going to steal one of her photos to post here:

This is a near-perfect photo of the reflecting pool at the palace. In the distance is the throne room.

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