Granada, part 1

Granada, home of the Alhambra, is in the south of Spain, a hilly town, just out of sight of the Mediterranean, but within sight of the massive Sierra Nevada mountain range. Here Nora and Greta are walking down one of the hills.


The town has some lovely, narrow streets, including this one:


More photos below!

That cat looks cute enough to pet!


The Alhambra looms above the city, dominating the skyline in an imposing way:


But first, we visited the Generalife, where the rulers of the province went for entertainment and relaxation.


Here’s one of many lovely fountains on the site:


I was also impressed by the paths, made from flat rocks mortared together on their sides:


Next we visited the Alcazara, a castle fortress protecting the Alhambra, with spectacular views of the city.


I was even able to get in an afternoon run, heading high into the hills above the fort. Didn’t get a great shot of it, but here I am in an olive grove at sunset:


Next: The heart of the Alhambra, the Nazrid Palace.

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