Satire Fridays’ demise?

I love satire. I love writing satire, too — when I’m in the mood. Unfortunately, I haven’t been much in the mood much lately. I really don’t think I should force it, do you? Last week’s example was particularly bad.

I instituted “Satire Fridays” partly as a hook for the blog, and partly as a way to remind myself that I should be writing satire regularly. I think I did some pretty good pieces, too. BUT, with three books in various stages of completion, and with other projects coming online as well, I’ve been a little too distracted to do a good job with the satire. I think I’m going to have to retire the “Satire Fridays” concept and return to a “satire when I feel like it” policy. It may mean you don’t get as much satire, but when you get it, it should be the high quality satire you’ve come to expect from Word Munger.

I’m currently accepting suggestions for a new Word Munger catchphrase, as for obvious reasons, the old one will need to be retired.

UPDATE: Since we’re making administrative notes, I thought I’d make a mention of a few new entries on the old link list:

Fernham is the new blog of a great friend of mine. I’m not sure how anonymous she wants to be, but Anne is a wonderfully literate English professor with a love for life, who’s happy to have moved from the Midwest to the New York area, and happy to rub everyone else’s faces in it!

Since I’m starting work on a psychology book, it makes sense to start linking to some psychology blogs. Mixing Memory is a very well-done blog on cognitive psychology, which offers a psychological take on events in the news, kinda like the Brad DeLong of psychology, only anonymous.

Progressive Reaction is a blog I found via 2blowhards. Generally well-written and smart commentary on whatever’s on the authors’ minds.

Old Hag is a site I’ve just discovered via Fernham’s way too cultured list of links. It’s one of the few sites Anne links to that doesn’t make me feel horribly under-read, whether that reading is in fine literature, New York culture, or supermarket tabloids.

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  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for the plug, Dave!

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