A couple of updates

Happy MLK day, everyone. With the holiday and everything, I wasn’t actually planning on writing today, but the wife is still asleep and the kids are upstairs being quiet, so I do have time to get you up to date on a couple of things.

Burglary Update
The rash of burglaries in our neighborhood seems to have finally slowed down. Of course, everyone’s still concerned, and it did seem to make sense to improve our home security just a bit, so I installed a very crude security device on the first-floor windows of our house: I screwed them shut. I don’t think this is a fire risk, because there are three exit doors on the first floor, and the windows in question are each within ten feet of a door. This won’t keep out a determined burglar (after all, he could just smash in the windows or kick in the doors), but hopefully it will at least encourage him to select a less secure target.

Project 2 will be to install motion-sensitive outdoor floodlights. The hope is that a potential burglar will be even less likely to attack when bathed in bright white light.

Tsunami Fund
The Word Munger Tsunami Fund has amassed a grand total of $30 (follow the link to see all those who contributed links). I decided to go ahead and donate now so relief gets to those who need it, but of course I’ll continue to track linkbacks and add to the fund as necessary. I made my donation to the Oxfam Tsunami Response and Global Emergencies Fund. Note that this fund has the discretion to be used for long-term relief and other emergencies. If have linked to me and you have a problem with that, please let me know.

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