Word Munger 8 years in: What’s the use of blogging?

Well, that went by fast. Today Word Munger turns eight. Eight years ago, blogging was still a relatively new thing. I had had a livejournal blog before that, and a static web page with regular updates before that, but Word Munger was my first fully-functional blog in the modern sense (although it’s interesting to note that Facebook is probably more like LiveJournal than WordPress). Word Munger also happens to be the blog that I’ve maintained (more or less fastidiously) since the beginning.

But over the years, Word Munger has slowed down. Facebook and Twitter seem more alluring, offering more instant feedback from readers. I’ve started a new business, and I’m actively involved in a major web project. Oh yeah, and I’ve become obsessed with running.

Sometimes I wonder whether there’s any point in maintaining Word Munger any more. Today before I wrote this post I went through and deleted some spam comments, and accidentally took out a couple legitimate ones. I didn’t feel any compunction to try and undo my act of negligence. Recent posts on WordMunger have gotten one, two comments at the most. I can get dozens of comments from a one-off on Twitter or Facebook.

Still, a blog is a great place to offer more-extended discussion than is possible through the normal social media channels. A running blog I contribute to has actually disabled comments; we keep the blog going, but we expect any commenting that occurs to happen on Facebook. I’ve thought about doing that here, but I like have the comments associated with the blog post itself (curator error aside).

I will probably keep WordMunger going for the foreseeable future. I need to keep a webhost for other reasons, and I never know when I will want to write up something for general consumption. I can’t guarantee I’ll post often. When I do, you’ll probably hear about it — on Facebook or Twitter, that is.

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  1. emily purser says:

    actually I’d keep it going because I just came upon a post on this blog as I was googling away looking for some evidence of how people tend to use the word ‘literacy’ for a paper I’m writing, and liking what you’d written in brief critique of its absurd over usage currently, I then explored your site further…. and I would never have come upon the other links had I not been directed to your blog via a random google search for a topic that it happened you’d blogged about once. So you just never know the value and networking potential of what you’ve got on your blog! It’s a nice blog. Leave it up :)

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