More pics from Colorado

Last June, the family took a trip to Colorado so I could run the Steamboat Marathon. Somehow I didn’t get around to chronicling the trip until now.

Before we went to Steamboat, we thought we’d visit Rocky Mountain National Park. I had never been there, so it was a great chance to see a new place. Plus, we’d be able to drive through the park and take an interesting route to Steamboat, where we needed to be that evening.

When we arrived at the park, we found out that the road through the park was closed! We’d have to take a three-hour detour to get to Steamboat, returning almost the same way we had come. Oops!

But we still had time for a short hike, and fortunately Nora took pictures, because for some reason Greta and I didn’t take many.

Rocky Mountain NP is beautiful in the spring, but there’s too much snow at the higher elevations for a casual day hike. Fortunately we were able to find a route with just a couple of patches here and there. Much of the time we were strolling through glades of aspen, like this:

But we also got to walk through open meadows, with the taller, snow-capped peaks looming above:

We stopped for lunch at a lake, where one of the local waterfowl was not at all shy about begging for food:

Across the valley was a spectacular waterfall:

Nora spent some time trying to capture the motion of the small springs at the side of the trail. I think she did a particularly good job with this photo.

Then we descended to a raging creek. Colorado had had tons of snow this past year, and now it was all melting. Indeed, many of the rivers we would see later were above flood stage. I don’t think this creek typically had this much water:

If you have QuickTime installed on your computer, you can click on the picture to watch a short movie I made showing just how much water was flowing through this small gorge.

We hiked a little farther than we had planned, and it was getting late, so I ended up running to the car and driving a mile back up the road to pick Greta and Nora up. When we finally got to Steamboat, it was past 10 pm. A long day, but also a beautiful one!

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