Happy anniversary, Word Munger!

Today Word Munger turns seven! That’s right, I’ve been filling this space with my musings for seven full years—or even longer if you count the original Word Munger, a hand-coded satire site I started wayyyy back in the year 2000. Here’s the first post there, about how some people simply can’t get over the 2000 Bush/Gore election debacle. I think I still get some of those jokes…

Word Munger has had a complicated history. Some years, I posted nearly every day. But over the years, I’ve also found other online venues — most notably, Cognitive Daily, which ran for five years. Between that and my duties at Research Blogging, my productivity here at Word Munger has waned recently. Looking now at the “recent posts” in the sidebar, I see that I’ve only posted 10 times since last September.

That’s partially due to my job, but perhaps more because I’m now training to run my first (and possibly my last) marathon. I’ve found marathon training to be so consuming that I wanted to write about every last training run. I decided not to bore my non-running readers with that, so I started up a separate blog, Mungerruns, for all things running. After I’ve completed the Big Sur Marathon less than two weeks from now, it’s possible that I’ll back off the marathonblogging and start blogging here more often. My running friends don’t seem to think that’s likely, though — they say that once you’ve run your first marathon, you’re hooked for life. I kind of hope that’s not true, because all that running sure takes a lot of time.

During the last year I’ve also worked on two other projects, ScienceSeeker and a monthly column at 3 Quarks Daily. ScienceSeeker is sort of a faster-paced version of Research Blogging, covering more dimensions of science, from lab life to politics to gender issues. The 3 Quarks column tries to understand contemporary political issues from the perspective of my stepbrother, a disabled artist who struggles to live on a $600 monthly Social Security check (they don’t yet have an archive so today I created a page with links to all my columns).

In the past year I’ve also sent my oldest child to college, and my youngest has been admitted to college, so I imagine that even bigger changes are in store over the next year as Greta and I begin life as “empty nesters” (that said, at this point it looks like being an empty-nester starts off with two bored young adults living with you all summer).

I can’t promise that I’ll be posting here more frequently over the next year, but I can promise that I’ll maintain the site for at least another year (at this point I plan on maintaining the site indefinitely), so I’d recommend you keep on coming back at least every month or so to see what’s on my mind. For more regular updates, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Tversky, A. & Kahneman, D. (1974). Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases, Science, 185 (4157), 1124 DOI: 10.1126/science.185.4157.1124

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