An imagined conversation with Netflix

Wii User: Hello, Netflix? I’d like to view interweb movies on my Wii console, just like it says I can on the ad in my latest Netflix DVD.

Netflix Customer Support Rep: You’re all set. Your Wii is ready to go.

WU: But I need to start up a subscription with you guys.

NCSR: No you don’t. It’s included in your subscription rate.

WU: But my Wii can’t connect to the interwebs.

NCSR: All Wii consoles connect to the intenet.

WU: They do? How?

NCSR: Why don’t you check out Nintendo’s support page at It explains everything.

WU: Can’t you explain how?

NCSR: That’s really not my job. The Wii is a Nintendo product.

WU: Do I have to pay extra for that?

NCSR: Not unless you don’t already have internet service at your home. Which I assume you do, since you can only order Netflix DVDs via the internet.

WU: That sounds pretty complicated. Why does the ad make it look so easy?

I think it must have been conversations like this that led to the ad I received today with my latest DVD from Netflix:

Basically the ad is a tech support call! The fine print reads “Broadband internet access required. For more info on connecting your Wii to the internet, go to Wii is a trademark of Nintendo.”

My guess is, earlier versions of the ad just said something like “Now get Netflix videos on your Wii!” and then Netflix got deluged with support requests just like the one I imagined above.

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Munger, M. & Owens, T.R. (2004). Representational momentum and the flash?lag effect, Visual Cognition, 11 (1) 103. DOI: 10.1080/13506280344000257

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