Secret messages?

Site statistics reveal incredibly interesting things. For example, the number one search on is “boom box.” Could 24 people really be interested in my post about the online Boom Box Museum? Other popular searches include “Constance Ramos,” “beheading video” and “video beheadings” (yes, you are being watched). These are the searches people type in the little search box to the left of your screen. They are searching just, not the entire Web. What are these people thinking — that I’m some kind of home improvement porn site?

It occurred to me, scanning through the sometimes incredibly arcane and specific search strings people use (“brand loyalty among product categories,” “bastard pennington North Carolina,” “free robot plans.” I am not making these up), that the search box could be used for another purpose. It could be used to send secret messages to otherwise unreachable people.

If a blogger is sufficiently vain (and isn’t all blogging simply an act of vanity?), he or she will check his or her site statistics regularly, perhaps daily. By inserting a message into the search box, it’s possible that you could get through to a popular blogger — someone who potentially receives thousands of spam e-mails a day. The intention is not to actually search for something the blogger has written, just to get a message through to them that they’ll actually read.

In the interest of science, I want to see if this actually works. So, I’m going to try it: I will insert a message into the search box of every blog in my blog roll, and see who gets back to me. I’ll also try some of the more popular blogs not in my blogroll, just to see if I can get the attention of some of the really big names in blogging. So, if you’ve just received the following search, let me know by leaving a short comment plugging your blog in the comments thread (or if you want to be really sneaky, you could leave me your own “secret message”). Here’s the “secret message” I’m using: Do you check your search strings? Let Word Munger know.

This could be fun!

Update: Okay, maybe it’s not so fun. No responses yet. Perhaps I’m the only one who is geeky enough to check his search strings. Perhaps the big names in blogging get so many searches that my “secret message” falls under the radar. Or perhaps the responses will trickle in over the next few days. We shall see….

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