A first stab at a science blog aggregator

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Soon after my two posts on science blog aggregation, Bora Zivkovic and Anton Zuiker contacted me asking for my input on a site they were thinking about creating.

The three of us had similar ideas: Now that many leading bloggers from ScienceBlogs have moved elsewhere, there’s no central place readers can go to find out what’s going on in science blogging. Anton and Bora realized that a basic hub for science blogging wouldn’t be difficult to create from existing tools: WordPress software and a few key plugins. So, after a couple weeks’ discussion, we put together a first-stab at a science blog aggregator in a few days. You can find it here:


The site is really just an aggregator of aggregators. Everything you see on the front page is a feed from some other bundle of blogs. In a couple cases, we made our own bundles using Friendfeed. The site is flexible enough to add additional bundles as bloggers and publishers form new blogging communities. It’s not ideal — I think the ultimate science blog aggregator will allow users to view blog posts by topic, and perhaps have some way of identifying the best posts. But it’s flexible enough that with some input from the community, we might be able to shape it into something really special. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

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6 Responses to A first stab at a science blog aggregator

  1. DrugMonkey says:

    I think this is BRILLIANT!!!

  2. Dirk Hanson says:

    Exactly what was needed–wonderful!

  3. How do I get on your list of science blogs? I am not in a group of blogs. The blog is http://charbonniers.org/ and is titled ‘Thoughts on thoughts’. For a little over two years I have followed (and commented on) the news on scientific research into consciousness. The postings are fairly short and occur every three days. Currently I have about 10,000 visitors a month. If this sort of blog fit in with your list, please try and find a way to include it. Thanks.

  4. Dirk Hanson says:

    Janet, I’m an independent blogger like you. Scienceblogging as a master aggregator is a wonderful thing, but it may spell doom for the likes of you and me. Granted, it would be a lot more work to sort out which independent bloggers to include than it is to build a site for existing groups. Nonetheless, one can’t help feeling as if a giant iron door is slowly swinging shut, and that the widespread assumption is that if you were any good at this and actually worth reading, you would have already been invited to join one of the science blog groups.

    It could turn out that legit science bloggers who aren’t brand names and who can’t get inside may find themselves slowly starved of page views and forced to fold up shop. I get 20K hits/month under my own steam, but if scienceblogging takes off like it should, I expect to see that start to dwindle. We’ll see.

  5. Robert Huber says:

    Very nice site!
    I am running geobulletin, which aggregates >200 geoscientific blogs. If you find it useful,eel free to include geobulletin’s feed at: http://www.geobulletin.org/feed.php?format=atom

  6. Paul Dye says:

    Nice meeting you at the Pyschology Dept. party on Saturday. I thought you might find this interesting:
    Persistence Hunting Marathoners | OutsideOnline.com –

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