It’s happening again…

Four years ago, I wrote about a dreaded affliction: the post-election controversy withdrawal, which I called NoCNNitis.

Symptoms of NoCNNitis range from mild disorientation to violent delusions. As office workers across the nation try to reorient their water cooler conversations from topics of seemingly dire national importance to ordinary chit-chat, they naturally become muddled and irrational.

This year, with the clear Bush victory, the phenomenon has occurred even faster than expected. Yes, there have been a few rumblings of some kind of controversy involving voter fraud, but nothing that’s really caught on. Aside: Here in Mecklenberg County we had a little problem of some early votes getting counted twice and others not getting counted at all. The Charlotte Observer editorialized on the controversy — which continues to leave the county commissioner race too close to call — thusly: “This year’s problems could provide valuable lessons for elections officials.” Umm… excuse me? Weren’t we supposed to have learned those lessons FOUR YEARS AGO?

Despite North Carolina’s little local problems, the nationwide news excitement level has experienced a precipitous drop. Even pitched battles in Falluja fail to roust the CNN (or Fox News) junkie’s interest. I visited The Command Post, a favorite haunt of mine from the early Iraq war days, and though the site is still live, there’s nary a comment to be seen.

Instead of opining about flip-flopping and Swift Boats, bloggers are shopping for cars (or ranting about the condition of their lawns, for that matter). Despite the recent news doldrums, I’m sure the next white-hot controversy will arise before you know it. In the meantime, enjoy the lull!

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