Mystery Project Update

What is the Mystery Project? As I announced last week here and on CogDaily, it’s a new project that will be a major focus of my efforts for the foreseeable future.

But what exactly is it? I’m not going to tell you right now; I want to make a splash when the project launches. That said, I’m prepared to give a bit of an update that may help you get a sense of what’s coming.

  • The project launches on February 1. There, I’ve committed to a date. Expect announcements here, on Twitter, and wherever else I can think of that doesn’t cost me any money. Yes, I know, that’s very soon!
  • The project is independent. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working with other people, it means I won’t have a “boss” or anyone else controlling financial or other strings.
  • The project involves a blog. At this point, in fact, it’s just a blog, but I do hope it will grow into more than that. It’s also different from any other blog I’ve seen. That doesn’t mean something similar doesn’t exist, just that I haven’t seen it.

This is something I’ve been thinking about off and on for almost a year, so it’s a pretty well-considered idea, but I’ve only gone into heavy preparation mode for the past week or so. I’ve downloaded WordPress templates, set up a domain, prepared a site, contacted people who can help me with background information I need, and done a lot of other behind-the-scenes legwork.

Everything is coming together quite nicely, except for advertising. Most sites that allow you to sell ads on your site want to see an existing site. They need circulation numbers to provide to advertisers, and so on. That’s fine, but I need some sense of where ads will go, how big they’ll be, and what kind of code snippets I’ll be needing to place on the site. In the unlikely event that the blog is an instant sensation I’d like to cash in be in a position to recoup some of my investment of time and resources.

All that’s left is to finalize the site’s design, write background material, “about” pages, and the like, and write the first post. That, and deal with any other unexpected glitches that arise along the way. I’m really looking forward to this launch. I hope you’ll like it as much as I think you will.

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