Pharmaceutical instructions — can we try a little harder?

Yesterday I had to pick up some medication from Jim. Here’s what the instructions say:


That’s it. So my question is, per what? Day? Hour? Week? Zodiac sign?

Would it kill them to indicate the period for which the medication is intended? If there are a limited number of character spaces for the instructions, there are many words I could suggest deleting before that critical bit. “10MG” is clearly redundant since there’s only one size pill in the box. “TABLET” can go too. Heck, you can even eliminate “TAKE” since it doesn’t actually give any information: “1 PER _____” would suffice. But you’ve got to specify what goes in the ______.

Next rant: Restaurant menu spelling.

Update: Finally found the real instructions — much more complicated. Really the “brief” instrux on the label should read: SEE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE.

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2 Responses to Pharmaceutical instructions — can we try a little harder?

  1. Kris says:

    Hi Dave,
    So this comment is in no way related to this post but I do not have any other way to contact you. I am concerned because a recent researchblogging post of mine ( did not make it into the indexed research blogging list. I do not mind if the post was unacceptable but I would like to know exactly why it was rejected, if it was rejected, so that I can correct my future posts to be in compliance with the standards of research blogging.

  2. Dave Munger says:

    Sent you an email, Kris.

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