Pretty, worthless (actually, worth $20)

I just found a couple of 50-Franc notes in an old drawer. Someone had them leftover from a trip to France in the ’90s, and since I was planning a trip, they gave them to me. But I forgot to pack them, so here they remain. I asked about them on Twitter and the consensus is they’re worthless. I was thinking if they had any value, I could mail them to someone in France and they could cash them in — it would be about ten Euros, maybe enough for a nice lunch or a bottle of wine.

It’s a shame, since these are absolutely stunning bills, honoring Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of Le Petit Prince. The bills even have a picture of the famous boa constrictor digesting an elephant!

Update: Turns out they’re worth about 15 Euros. If you want ‘em, and you’re in France, send me an email (remove dashes) and I’ll mail them to you.

Update2: They’ve been claimed! Helen Jaques on Twitter wants them, and will provide updates on her attempts to cash in.

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