The Great Munger Gingerbread Museum

A few weeks ago, we noticed that our new local gourmet grocery store offered a wide variety of custom-colored M&Ms, in bulk. Nora and Greta decided that we absolutely *must* build a gingerbread house.

Of course, *just* a gingerbread house wouldn’t do. It would be a museum. And the museum couldn’t be an ordinary, Parthenon-shaped affair. It must have an entirely new and unique design. The result is an asymmetrical architectural “masterpiece,” with four external walls for displaying reproductions of works of art in M&Ms. Here is the process, in pictures:

Assembly, with full-scale architectural model


Work begins in earnest

Meanwhile, Jim’s metal band is rehearsing upstairs

More construction

The first artwork is completed!

Model for Nora’s wall

Nora also reproduced “Dot” from Sunday in the Park on the small extra wing of her work.

Greta used this small extra space to reproduce Sargent’s Madame X

Dave’s wall, with legend

Original model for Dave’s wall

Greta’s wall, with legend

Original for Greta’s wall

Jim’s wall

Original for Jim’s wall (see also this blog post)

Finally, a 360-degree video of the completed museum:

Bonus Xmas pix:

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3 Responses to The Great Munger Gingerbread Museum

  1. Will says:

    Wow, very great idea!

  2. What a GREAT idea for your family to get together and strengthen their relationships.

    Sugar high would be WORTH it.


    All the best,

    April Braswell
    Online Dating Coach and Dating Expert

  3. Shireen, Jonathan, and Alistair says:

    Alistair says it is good, while Jonathan reports that he thinks it’s awesomely cool. I think it’s great and, as April says above, a great family bonding idea. Hope NY is wonderful. S

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