Best response to the “Iraqi deaths count” argument

Remember how Cheney argued that the U.S. only suffered fifty percent of the casualties in Iraq? Found this in the Political Animal comments thread:

Fine, whatever. But you know, Cheney really could have gone farther. If we count not only the Iraqi “security forces” that get assassinated and car bombed on a daily basis, but also all the civilian casualties caused by our air campaigns, and everyone else dying in Iraq who aren’t actual “insurgents” or “terrorists”, it turns out that for every American that dies, about ten Iraqi civilians are killed. So really, Americans only count for about ten percent of all the people dying there! Yay, freedom! We must be winning!

The rest of the comments are a disaster, but this one was a real peach. The article it responds to does have a nice accounting of the … um … misstatements Cheney made in the debate.

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