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This is it

The time has come to start work on my next project. About a month ago, I finished a draft of a memoir about my bout with melanoma last year, and while I think it’s kind of interesting, I don’t expect … Continue reading

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Ask Mr. Cranky Pants

Dear Mr. Cranky Pants: This morning during my run, I was shocked to see several walkers who were letting their dogs off-leash, despite the fact that this is strictly prohibited town ordinance. What do you think of this? —Dog Tired … Continue reading

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How is the national debt not like a credit card? Let me count the ways

The news these days is filled with Tea Party wackos trying to explain to the rest of us exactly why it makes sense to oppose a raise to the debt limit. This one, highlighted by Steve Benen, is priceless: “It … Continue reading

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The investment banking world is different from your world

The Wall Street Journal recently published an infographic that is producing all sorts of shocked disbelief in the social media circles I frequent: The general gist of the comments in Facebookistan is that no one “really” makes the kind of … Continue reading

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