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How I’d fix Kachingle for $110,000

I think Kachingle is a really great idea. In fact, I’m a paying subscriber and my blog The Daily Monthly is a member. Basically, the way their site works is this: Readers pay a $5/month subscription fee that is distributed … Continue reading

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The problem with “literacy”

I’ve always been a little annoyed with people appropriating the word “literacy” for things that have nothing to do with literacy. Literacy derives from the Latin word for “letter,” and refers specifically to the ability to read. The problem I … Continue reading

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More on “Are Animals People”?

My column on Seed this week has attracted some attention across the web. The most interesting comment may have come from DrugMonkey, who simply linked to his 2008 post critical of the idea that animals can have “insight.” Now, in … Continue reading

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