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The complete kettle washing archive

We move from saving the planet to a subject of much more immediate urgency. A while back I did a little experiment to determine whether it was more energy efficient to heat water on the stovetop or in the microwave. … Continue reading

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Fly less?

Earlier today I put up a post on Twitter asking for suggestions about places to donate money in bulk to counter the carbon emitted due to my travels. One suggestion came from @SFriedScientist: TerraPass is pretty good, founded by a … Continue reading

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Me and my telemarketing friends

So, I get a call from a “toll free number.” What possesses me to answer it, I don’t know. Clearly it’s some sort of telemarketer. Me: Hello. Telemarketer: Hello, may I speak to Margaret Moljer? Okay, it’s definitely a telemarketer, … Continue reading

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Is it time to ditch the term “new media”?

Over the course of the afternoon, I’ve had a really nice conversation with Carla Casilli on Twitter. It started out with Carla’s observation: When will we stop calling media on the internet “new media”? To which I replied: Shortly after … Continue reading

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Introducing The Daily Monthly

With any luck, I’ve kept you on pins and needles for the last week and a half as I prepared you for the unveiling of the “Mystery Project,” or what I’m going to be doing with all the time I … Continue reading

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