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North Carolina’s bass-ackward inspection program

We all know that older cars tend to have higher emissions than newer cars. That’s why I pay $30+ per year for an inspection — to prove that my old 1994 Plymouth Voyager is still road-worthy. It’s not a great … Continue reading

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Your privacy is now safe!

Last week I complained that some people were too stupid to realize that sending something via email revealed their identity. But now, thanks to their complaints, the Obama administration has done something about it. Instead of forwarding conspiracy-theory emails to … Continue reading

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If you email someone, then they have your email address. Is that too hard to understand?

This sort of manufactured controversy drives me crazy. Apparently right-wing wackaloons are apoplectic because the Obama administration is encouraging people to send them the delusional emails they receive. (The administration “says” they are only asking for the emails so they … Continue reading

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