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Guidelines for Web credibility: how many do they follow?

This page has been getting a bit of Twitter buzz lately. It’s a set of ten common-sense guidelines for improving your online credibility. But how many of their own guidelines do they follow? Let’s see. 1. Make it easy to … Continue reading

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The abortion debate isn’t about the right to life

PZ Myers brings up another chestnut from the seemingly endless vault of “pro-life” arguments: From a biology or human embryology textbook in use on an accredited university campus (your own University of Minnesota-Morris campus would be fine), please cite chapter … Continue reading

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A question of momentous importance for all who lived through the 80s

Depeche Mode or New Order? A question of momentous importance ( polls)

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On Transience and Permanence

I’m a bit of a digital pack rat. I’ve got emails from all the way back to 1998 — not all of the email I’ve ever sent, but pretty close to it. I’ve got the Excel spreadsheet Greta and I … Continue reading

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What to do with CDs

Every now and then — and this is becoming more and more rare — I acquire music the way I did back in 1985: I buy a CD. Generally it only happens when I’m purchasing from the actual artist: I’m … Continue reading

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El Cafe Cocimiento Sauce

Another day, another request for an El Cafe recipe. Cocimiento sauce was one of the most popular sauces at El Cafe, and I haven’t been as successful at recreating it as the other recipes. But if you simply MUST have … Continue reading

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