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Comments on Casual Friday post about gender and bathroom use

Commenting (and posting) on is going to be down starting at about 1 p.m. EST today. You can use this post for commenting on today’s Cognitive Daily Post. If you ask nicely, I might even consider adding some additional … Continue reading

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Testing out Apple’s new software

Seems like the geekosphere is pretty disappointed with Apple’s offerings at this year’s MacWorld conference. There was only one new hardware product, a 17-inch Mac laptop that doesn’t offer much new other than a longer-lived, non-removable battery. But I’m not … Continue reading

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Updating WordPress…

I’m upgrading to the latest version of WordPress software. This means things may go a little wacky for a bit. I’m also going to trash my template, so if you’re used to that warm, fuzzy yellow design, I’m sorry. It’s … Continue reading

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Even more on teaser blogs

Kevin Drum has responded on his blog to my point that it’s often okay to require users to click to see the entire blog posts. He makes some good points: Occasional long posts, especially ones that have a limited audience, … Continue reading

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Blogger whines, redux

…So Kevin Drum published his list of whines for 2009. It’s a pretty good list, but I have to disagree with some of his points. Here’s his complete list, with my comments in Bold. Blogs without comment sections. Or, blogs … Continue reading

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