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The Great Munger Gingerbread Museum

A few weeks ago, we noticed that our new local gourmet grocery store offered a wide variety of custom-colored M&Ms, in bulk. Nora and Greta decided that we absolutely *must* build a gingerbread house. Of course, *just* a gingerbread house … Continue reading

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The ruination of

For the past couple years I’ve preferred over — mostly because AccuWeather had slower page-load times. But the most recent redesign of has destroyed most of that site’s utility. I visited AccuWeather and found that they had … Continue reading

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Why do they do that?

As more and more newspapers and news sites start to include “blogs” as part of their coverage, they also show that they have absolutely NO understanding of how a blog works. On a blog, the posts are in reverse-chronological order. … Continue reading

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Looks like Mark Chu-Carroll has finally seen the light

Mark added this to his post about the downwind-faster-than-wind problem today: It appears that I really blew it with this one. I’m the bozo in this story. After lots of discussion, a few equations, and a bunch of time scribbling … Continue reading

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Mark Chu-Carroll is wrong, take two

I’m amazed that Mark has persisted in his argument for so long. Honestly, it’s astounding. He still can’t seem to admit that the video I wrote about yesterday demonstrates that downwind, faster-than-wind, wind-driven travel is possible. Let’s take another tack … Continue reading

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Mark Chu-Carroll is wrong, wrong, wrong

Wow, I don’t get to say that very often! But it’s true. In this post, Mark claims that it’s impossible to make a wind-powered vehicle that goes faster than the wind, while traveling in the exact same direction as the … Continue reading

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Lego replica of the Campanile in Florence!

It’s been a while since Nora and I made a large-scale Lego creation. But a week or so back someone on Twitter complimented Nora’s Parthenon — most definitely an awesome achievement. Here’s the movie we made of it way back … Continue reading

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How small should you make your online images?

One of the classic newbie errors in creating images for the Web is to upload the original source file produced by their digital camera. I’ve seen tiny profile pictures less than an inch across rendered from 3MB source files. But … Continue reading

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