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Stock Tip: Invest in the TI-83 series

In these troubled times, the TI-83 series of calculators may just be your best investment bet. The Munger family has personally purchased four of these babies: one for Nora, and three for Jim, who has lost two of them and … Continue reading

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Munger kids got talent

Here’s what Nora and Jim have been up to lately. After reading Beowulf, Nora was assigned to write an “epic poem” (more of a poem-let) for her English class. Then she did a dramatic reading, complete with sound effects! Without … Continue reading

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“McCain Alley”

The title of this post is what I call the section of town I must pass through to get to the trails I run on every Tuesday and Thursday. It actually starts with my neighbor’s house, and continues down the … Continue reading

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Greta and Jim’s Western Movie fest

While Nora and I were hiking in the Pasayten, Greta and Jim were back in North Carolina completing their own epic journey: They were systematically watching some of the best Westerns in cinematic history. Neither of them has a personal … Continue reading

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