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New York, NY – Liveblogging the convention

9:00 p.m. There’s no place like New York, NY. I’m sitting here in the smallest hotel room I’ve ever occupied. It features a twin bed, with about 1 foot of extra space on each side. There is a tiny armoir … Continue reading

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Gotta love Slashdot’s current poll!

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Something tells me this might have something to do with the obesity epidemic

From our local newspaper, in an article about how there will be fewer school bus stops this year: Kiesha McGaughy, who lives off Sugar Creek Road north of uptown, said the bus picked her daughter up at the end of … Continue reading

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A little video from the Pasayten

This short video demonstrates some of the trail conditions we encountered on our trip. It’s kind of fun to make a video like this!

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I still haven’t been to the movies — over two years later

I can’t remember the last movie I saw in a theater, but thanks to the miracle of blogging, I don’t have to: it was The Da Vinci Code. That was the movie that put me over the edge. The “pre-theater … Continue reading

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Pasayten Hike, Part III

On day five, things began to cool down. A few clouds had rolled in overnight and we had a bit of rain. Still, the morning was sunny as we began the “iffy” part of the trip, where I had never … Continue reading

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Pasayten Hike 2008, Part II

We did see a fair bit of wildlife on our hike (Nora took all the wildlife photos). We called these critters “pygmy marmots” but I think they’re actually ground squirrels: This chicken-like thing (pheasant?) was surprisingly amenable to having its … Continue reading

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Pasayten Hike 2008

One of the most memorable experiences of my childhood was a 120-mile hike I took with my dad when I was fifteen. We started on the shores of Ross Lake, on the western slope of the north Cascades in Washington … Continue reading

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