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“World’s Best” recipes?

A few months ago, for some reason, I googled World’s best taco. I guess I was thinking I’d find a restaurant review, or maybe raves about a taco stand somewhere in L.A. But instead the top results were all recipes. … Continue reading

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That’s it, I’m officially old

In 1977, at age 10 (!) my stepbrother and I waited for hours in line at the one theater in Seattle that was showing Star Wars. I’m still a little shocked to realize my mom let me go downtown by … Continue reading

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Harvard University headed for financial disaster!

After reading Declan Butler’s shocking report about the impending doom of PLoS, I became very concerned about the future of non-profit organizations in America. As Butler rightly points out: Since its launch in 2002, PLoS has been kept afloat financially … Continue reading

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