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Very cool illusion.

Yesterday was one of our most popular days ever at CogDaily — two posts were on the front page of Reddit and one was on the front page of Most of the visits went to this post, which explains … Continue reading

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Why Linux isn’t popular

This guy seems to think the reason Linux isn’t popular is because it is free. Since people can get Linux for free, they don’t value it as much as Windows (or Mac OS X). I have a different reason. Linux … Continue reading

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Six word memoir

Per The World’s fair, here’s my six-word memoir (make sure you count!): Still writing my life story.

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Why I finally installed AdBlock Plus

I’ve been a longtime holdout. I think it’s important for Web sites to be able to support themselves with ads. So I’ve resisted using ad blocking software for years. But recently, I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend: Web pages have … Continue reading

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Ken Follett and Rape

I just finished reading The Pillars of the Earth, a pretty good read. It’s certainly not Great Literature — on the literary front I’d put it somewhere above The Da Vinci Code and below The Lord of the Rings. But … Continue reading

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