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Why are there three toilets in the street in front of my house?

Neighbor and blogger Mark Sample notes that there are three toilets on the street in front of my house. He has pictures. He’s trying to understand how they ended up there, and why. It seems that it would be awkward … Continue reading

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First Santa Claus, now this

From the Slashdot thread about the demise of calling time — this comment: I was just thinking about this the other day for some reason! One memory I have from youth is taking my oh-so-new-and-cool digital watch and carefully synchronizing … Continue reading

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Why Megan McArdle doesn’t understand morality — or insurance

Here’s the problem with a single-payer health care system, according to Megan McArdle. McArdle says there are three reasons you might want to transfer money from one group to another: the recipients are needy, they are unlucky, or they are … Continue reading

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Still more panoramas

I probably need a better way of indicating to myself when I’ve taken a series of photos designed to be stitched into a panorama. I’ve found quite a few more that I missed last time. Here’s the campanile viewed from … Continue reading

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What the U.S. shares with Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Liberia

The picture, from the August National Geographic, says it all: Shameful.

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Blogging on peer-reviewed research

Over on CogDaily, I’ve been pushing a new initiative to highlight when bloggers are making serious posts about peer-reviewed research, as opposed to news, press releases, and their favorite online surveys. But I realized that I reach much of the … Continue reading

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Lego me vs. Simpsons me!

Which of these is a more realistic depiction? I think I prefer the Lego version, though it looks suspiciously like P.Z. Myers. Also, who has a shirt pocket on the right side? The Simpsons version doesn’t give quite enough body … Continue reading

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