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How to stage a movie festival

As regular readers of Word Munger know, every two years Jim and I do some sort of silly marathon. Four years ago (pre- Morgan Spurlock), it was MickeyDay. Two years ago it was Vidsanity. This year, we’ll be mounting a … Continue reading

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What is cowardice?

“Chuckles1″ has a post on Kos bashing ScienceBlogs’ Dr. Charles for disallowing comments on a blog post critical of Jon Edwards. That’s all fine. Ideally, Dr. Charles should be willing to accept comments on his own blog. But he seems … Continue reading

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Line Rider has been sold, and the site is down. Is this the end of free Kool-Aid?

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Ski report

Despite the frustration of the Denver blizzard / reroute, we did manage to make it to Whistler Blackcomb for our Christmas ski vacation. We were supposed to be flying out on Thursday December 21, but we ended up leaving Friday … Continue reading

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