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The Word Munger kids’ latest webifications

So, both Munger kids have recently gotten into publishing their own stuff on the Web. Nora likes to make comics. Make sure to check out her latest, called, I think rather not ominously enough, Pandas. Jim has started a blog. … Continue reading

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Who uses the phone book anymore?

A couple days ago we received our new phone book. Actually, we got four new phone books — and these are just the ones from our local phone provider. An independent publisher in our our area also publishes another three … Continue reading

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Congratulations to my writer-friends!

Books aplenty: High school buddy Anne Fernald’s book Virginia Woolf: Feminism and the Reader is out now (after an arduous production journey). Congratulations, Anne! College friend John Scalzi has been honored with the Campbell Award for best new science fiction … Continue reading

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Pluto, Schmuto

Meh. That’s all I have to say about the whole Pluto thing. You can barely distinguish it from a bit of dust on your photographic plate, and that’s on a good day. Its orbit isn’t in the same plane as … Continue reading

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Jane Galt has a series of questions for her readers. I thought I’d answer them here: 1) Why do you read blogs? To waste time, to get inspiration, to get a different perspective on the news, to connect with my … Continue reading

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One last vacationblog

Without much further ado, photos from the hike Nora and I took last week in the North Cascades: Nora liked these little pinecones (cf. big pine cones in this post). On the second day of the hike, we quickly emerged … Continue reading

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Are the new “energy saver” lights misleading us?

In the interests of doing my small part to prevent global warming, I’ve been attempting to replace all the incandescent lights in my house with compact fluorescents. The new versions are quite attractive, looking only slightly different from incandescents. But … Continue reading

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Not-so-rainy Puerto Rico

Our last day in Puerto Rico turned better than we thought. It was cloudy, but the rain stopped in the morning and didn’t really return. One of the great things about the resort we chose is that it backs up … Continue reading

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Want to have the inner workings of your family life exposed on TV?

My mention of Shalom in the Home a few months ago apparently gained the notice of actual people working with the actual show. A couple days ago I got this notice from a publicist for the show, who specifically mentioned … Continue reading

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Greetings from rainy Puerto Rico

All in all, we’ve been fortunate with the weather this trip, but it looks like our last day in Puerto Rico will be a rainy one. The remnants of tropical storm Eric have finally made there way to this side … Continue reading

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