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PZ on Plan B

PZ Myers has a great post explaining the mechanism for Plan B, the emergency contraceptive that is the pro-life bickering point du jour. a spike in LH levels triggers ovulation and progesterone suppresses LH. Hmmm. This suggests an idea. If … Continue reading

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Meme time!

Since I’m still reeling from Mandisa’s premature departure from American Idol, the only thing I’ve got energy for today is a meme, courtesy of Orac. Where was I one year ago? This is one of the reasons I keep a … Continue reading

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The arts scene in Charlotte

Last night, for no apparent reason, I was selected to participate in a focus group sponsored by the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte. We were paid $100, and our appetites were enticed by flat Diet Coke and yummy desserts. … Continue reading

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Even for Wikipedia, any publicity is good publicity

WaPo has an article on Web traffic trends; nothing new if you’ve been paying attention. But one item that caught my eye was the final paragraph: Joining MySpace on the fast track was Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia that anyone can … Continue reading

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The privatization of the Smithsonian

My “favorite” newspaper has an article about how the Smithsonian just sold its soul to the devil.

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Note to the New York Times web designers

Dear New York Times web designers: I know you may feel that your site needed updating. You’ve kept that stodgy old look for, what, five years now? But I have one question for you: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? First off, … Continue reading

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Starting up a publisher

If:Book and The Valve are working on starting up a new electronic publisher. Academic publishing, they argue, is dying, and mostly because of electronic media. When people can find what they need online, they don’t look to books. When libraries … Continue reading

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